Carrot and Its Health Benefits

Everyone knows the carrot; it is this food that can be found in many salads and preparations. Popularly when someone says carrot, someone automatically thinks of rabbits. And yes, carrots are the main food of this animal. Being common that we associate them with each other.

Another thing that we all know about carrots is that it is good for the eyes of the person who consumes it. And it’s not that it improves your eyesight by making you see much better from a distance. If not that it helps prevent cataracts from appearing, this means that when you consume the carrot, its vitamins make them protect your eyes. So if your eyes are in poor condition, it is still not a bad thing to continue consuming carrots, since they will protect your eyes from getting worse.

Although the carrot is healthy, consuming it excessively is never good; in fact it happens in all foods. Maybe you eat a food that is very healthy. But if you do it repeatedly, don’t be surprised that you have some consequences, remember. Even good things can be dangerous in excess.

But in this article I want to show you the different benefits that carrots have.


  • It is good for the mind: Thanks to the fact that this food contains phosphorus and potassium, the carrot serves as if it were a good nerve regenerator. Making it an extremely recommended food for the invigoration of tired minds.
  • It works as an anti-carcinogen: According to the WHO in 2014, the carrot belongs to the group of foods that have carotenoids. This substance, in addition to giving it that characteristic orange color. It helps the person who consumes it to be a little more immune to various types of cancer, such as breast or lung cancer.
  • Help in terms of appetite: This food is good for people who are suffering from anorexia, or other disorders that are related to eating habits.
  • They are good for your nails and hair: By having beta-carotene, our body will have the task of transforming this substance into vitamin A.
  • Prevents aging: Thanks to the antioxidant properties of which the carrot has. These same ones make the signs that you are aging not appear so quickly. And it also strengthens your skin, making it stay firm and wrinkle-free.
  • Protect your heart: If you regularly consume this food, you will do your heart a great favor. Since it helps prevent your arteries from filling with plaques, which prevent blood from flowing well, causing problems.
  • It is diuretic: If you have problems when urinating, don’t worry, because the carrot has a high water content, which can help you a lot.
  • Take care of your teeth and gums: If you consume this vegetable raw, the fluorine it contains helps keep your teeth free of bacteria.


This vegetable is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, and vitamin A. And as you found out earlier, it also has its fair share of antioxidants.

Vitamin E, C and B9 are also in the carrot, not in the same quantity as the previous ones, but their quantity is still high. And as something extra, it has folic acid; this is valued by pregnant women, in addition to being its main component.

As something curious, the carrot when cooked does not lose its properties. In fact, when cooked, it causes a kind of transformation in its carbohydrates, finally creating a smaller sugar chain. Which makes the task of digesting this vegetable easier?

If we compare calories with itself. The cooked carrot is the one that has fewer calories if we compare it with the raw carrot. Already the amount is low, having 40 calories per 100 grams. Adding that your fat will decrease but your amount of water will increase.

This vegetable helps to soften the walls of your digestive system, in addition to fighting well against various diseases, to mention several, gastritis and ulcers. And it is a recommended option when it comes to resolving gastroenteritis, or to collaborate in cleaning the body, being able to repair your intestinal flora.


Consuming carrot is recommended and you should do it regularly, and not excessively. You can prepare several things with this vegetable, a great example is to boil it and then turn it into a cream and mix it with the ingredients as if you were making pancakes, and you will have healthier pancakes as a result.

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