Causes and Remedies for Chills

One of the most precious positions for man is health. The truth is that being sick is not to anyone’s liking. An illness can not only become very debilitating, but could even cause death.

When you are sick, in general, you are unable to carry out the most daily activities, such as work, study, go shopping, do housework, etc.

In addition, to recover quickly, it is necessary to rest and stay in bed, take a certain amount of medication, monitor the diet, not expose yourself to low temperatures, among other similar recommendations.

For all these reasons it is important to take care of your health. However, sometimes we can lose it without even realizing it. Sometimes diseases are silent and go about their business without us showing any symptoms. On other occasions, these may be minimal and, therefore, we do not take them into account. One of these symptoms is chills.

Actually, they are more common than we can imagine. On some occasions we can confuse them with what is known as “Goosebumps”. However, this occurs when we have been exposed to cold air or because of some strong emotion.

Body hairs stand on end and form an insulating layer on the skin. However, when chills occur, you don’t necessarily get Goosebumps.

In view of this, what are chills? What are your causes? And, more importantly, what remedies can be used to treat them? If you want to know the answers to these and other questions related to the subject, you cannot stop reading this short article. It has been written, thinking about how to contribute to your good health. Let’s see how.


Chills are a kind of tremor that occurs when muscles contract and relax involuntarily. They usually happen very quickly and travel throughout the body. This is one of the mechanisms that the body has to generate heat when it is cold and, in some cases, they are the heralds of an episode of fever.

Chills are caused by different conditions; some of them are the following:

  1. Side effects of any medication. They can also be caused by combining medications or taking the wrong dose of over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, or prescription medications. Therefore, it is always advisable to read about the possible side effects. In case you suspect that this is the cause of your chills, you should inform your doctor immediately and discontinue its use. Depending on the severity of your situation, you may need to seek medical attention.
  2. Reaction to extreme physical activity. When you engage in extreme physical activity, such as running a marathon or a sport that requires intense physical exertion, you may experience chills as changes in your core body temperature occur, no matter what the weather. To avoid exercise chills, stay well hydrated and wear appropriate clothing. Despite this, however, in some cases you may need to be given intravenous fluids to treat the condition.
  3. Hypothyroidism. This disorder occurs when a thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to regulate metabolic rate or maintain good general health. One of its symptoms is increased sensitivity to cold, causing chills. It can be diagnosed through a blood test and is treated with the use of daily medication. It tends to appear when blood sugar levels are very low. In the case of patients with diabetes, this may be an indication that you need an adjustment in your medication or diet. One of its symptoms is the feeling of tremor or muscle weakness, which can resemble chills.
  4. Malnutrition. It occurs when the body does not have the necessary nutrients. It may be due to a low intake of nutritious foods, a transformation that affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients properly, or an eating disorder, such as anorexia.
  5. When the body temperature rises it can cause chills. Fever can be emotional and is the one that normally affects children or the elderly who are going through some kind of difficulty, but it can also be an indication that the body is fighting an infection.

Now that you know the most common causes of chills, the next thing you need to know is what remedies you can use to combat them. Let’s see it right now.

What do you need

The way to treat chills will depend on what is the cause that originates them. Hence the importance of determining it before taking any medication, since self-medication could complicate the situation. In case the medication is required, it must always be prescribed by a health professional and not by anyone else.

For example, if the shivering is caused by hypoglycemia, you should raise your blood sugar levels. You can do this by eating some source of carbohydrates, such as eating some candy, drinking a glass of fresh orange juice, or eating some buttered toast.

It is important to bear in mind that, in the case of patients with diabetes, the intake of chocolate, pudding or other foods that are very sweet is not recommended, since this can lead to uncontrolled blood glucose.

If the chill is caused by hypothyroidism, you can eat a brazil nut daily or a handful of dried fruit. It is also recommended that you take the medications prescribed by your doctor on a regular basis.

In case it is due to a fever, it is recommended that you take a bath with slightly warm water. You should also avoid being in very hot places or staying under a blanket. Take some herbal tea, such as raspberry leaf tea, which is considered an excellent home remedy to reduce fever.

If you notice that these measures are not enough, then you may need to take dipyrone or paracetamol and go to the doctor to determine what the cause of the fever with chills is.

In addition to the above, it is important that you take into consideration some recommendations that will be very useful to you.


Chills can also occur during a bout of the flu, which is also accompanied by coughing, sneezing, phlegm, runny nose, and shortness of breath. However, if symptoms worsen, it may be an indication that you are suffering from a more serious respiratory infection, such as pneumonia.

In this case, you can bundle up moderately, to ease the chills. Also, use medication to relieve symptoms, get plenty of rest, and drink plenty of water.

Chills can also be caused by a urinary tract infection, a throat infection, in the case of men, by changes in the prostate, etc. But, if you notice that they are very constant, you should go to the doctor.

This may be an indication that you are suffering from a disease that requires the use of a specific treatment. So, if the chills persist for more than a day, don’t wait any longer and go to a general doctor so he can evaluate you.

The human body speaks; learning to decode its language can be a powerful prevention tool against the attack of different types of diseases. Don’t let the situation get worse. If the diseases are treated in time, it is much more likely to obtain a quick recovery and avoid possible complications.

Keep in mind that chills can also occur due to emotional impact. Therefore, evaluate the accompanying symptoms before becoming alarmed and making rash decisions.

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