Cortisone Side Effects

Cortisone is a well-known drug in the world of medicine. Cortisone is a steroid (nothing to do with anabolic steroids for bodybuilding such as minstrel or dianabol) that, like all corticosteroids, is used as a powerful anti-inflammatory for our body. In addition, the human body produces small amounts of cortisone by itself to treat inflammation.

Cortisone is prescribed to treat certain ailments or diseases such as cancer, severe inflammation, allergic reactions, or even AIDS. Cortisone is usually taken as 5 to 20 mg tablets, as a topical lotion (on the skin), or even intravenously.

The effects are noticeable, since it greatly reduces inflammation in certain diseases and helps to cure them earlier and in a better way. But like all medications it has side effects, some that cannot be avoided, and others that are avoidable if consumed correctly.

From we are going to show you all the side effects of cortisone.

What do you need

  • Cortisone.
  • Common sense.


  1. Short-term effects:
    In the short term, cortisone can produce certain rather uncomfortable side effects, which end up disappearing, including insomnia, fluid retention, changes in blood sugar levels, headache, heartburn, and bad mood. To avoid or reduce these effects never exceed the recommended dose and follow the instructions of the specialist or your GP.
  2. Long-term effects:
    Also when cortisone is consumed, there are often long-term effects that can be irreversible. Among them we have diabetes, high blood pressure, bone diseases, high fatigue, bloody stools and vomiting. To avoid this, always follow the doctor’s instructions, do not exceed the dose and respect the deadlines for cortisone consumption.
  3. Physical dependence:
    When we take cortisone for a long time, the body gets used to it and then stops producing it on its own so that there is no dangerous excess for health. This is serious since the body needs the cortisone it produces to act as an anti-inflammatory, but this cortisone is no longer there. The main way to avoid this is not to go off cortisone all at once, but to go off it little by little, gradually decreasing the doses so that the body produces it again on its own.
  4. Psychological dependence:
    Artificial cortisone is just another drug, when it is taken with a prescription and when it is due, it is great, but when it is taken excessively, it ends up creating dependence. Many people take over-the-counter cortisone for any minor headache like its candy, and then end up hooked on it like cocaine. Never take corticosteroids without a prescription and never exceed the dose, the same applies to other types of medications that are also drugs.


  • Read the instructions for this medication and consult the pharmacist: This famous advertising slogan that we have all heard thousands of times is absolutely right. First of all, follow the doctor’s instructions, taking the doses how he tells you, when he tells you and in the quantities he tells you, then write a prescription in hand and at the pharmacy, there ask the pharmacist about more side effects of this medicine and read the instructions to take it safely.
  • Self-medicate: People have this bad habit, that they solve everything with medicine and they think they know more than their family doctor, you see them take any medicine as soon as they feel a slight pain in any part of the body, which of course they do with corticosteroids and corona, taking them as if they were sweets in case of minor pain. Self-medication can increase the chances of the dreaded side effects of cortisone appearing, such as headaches or dependence, also keep in mind that corticosteroids will not cure the infection, they will only make it deflate and hurt less, but they won’t cure you.
  • Healthy life: Before starting to take medications, it is better to follow a series of preventive measures so that you do not need to use them. Follow a varied and healthy diet, avoid junk food and refined sugar, exercise, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and being an active person. Good health will make you have a good immune system that will heal itself, in addition, the natural secretion of cortisone will be more efficient, which will mean that we only need to take cortisone artificially only when strictly necessary. You may have some serious inflammation, better go to your doctor and have him look at you, prescribe you and tell you how you should act.
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