Food for Person Who Has Radiotherapy

People with radiotherapy are something delicate just like a person’s diet. This treatment works in the following way, and it is that a part of the body will receive radiation, meaning that it will eradicate the cancer cells and the tumors that were generated in that area. It is a little common that in the end the patient generates side effects thanks to radiation; the effects are common, such as skin irritation and other common diseases.

Although when it comes to different areas of the body, the symptoms can vary; if it is in the intimate parts then the man can become infertile, unable to control his bladder and so on. If it’s in the chest, the lungs can be affected, but again, these are side effects that happen very rarely in people. Unless you are unlucky and have to go through the symptoms depending on the part of the body where the treatment was done.

Let us remember that when we have an illness of any kind, the type of diet also changes, meaning that you should consume foods and drinks that help you get better and avoid those that benefit the illness and extend the days and continue to extend the days. Or the symptoms are stronger.


If you have dry mouth

  • Consume small amounts of water, but do so many times each day
  • Avoid dry foods, like creams, broths and sauces
  • not consume alcohol
  • Process the food to consume it as a puree or in the form of a smoothie.

You have inflammation in the mucous membranes

  • Avoid foods that are acidic, those that are juices also enter.
  • Do not eat hard foods of which erode the mucosa, an example. Nuts, cookies and chips.
  • You should not eat hot foods; they should be at room temperature or cold.

If you have trouble swallowing

  • The bites you put in your mouth have to be as few as possible
  • Do not consume solid foods, such as meat and bread. Since these are obviously somewhat difficult to swallow.
  • Drinking several sips of water before swallowing the food helps make it easier.

If you have lack in your appetite

  • Consume a small amount of food, but do it several times. For you to understand better, you will have 5 or 6 hours of food a day, but those hours of food should have little quantity.
  • Satisfy the desire to eat something the moment you have it, and not have to wait for lunch to do so.
  • Eat foods that are good in carbohydrates, and foods that contain a lot of protein. Since they give you enough energy.
  • Take supplements, although this option is when our nutritionist and/or doctor do not suggest them. If so, then this option is good, since it contributes a lot to this diet.

There are also other suggestions that are at this point due to lack of appetite and these are

  • Accept that other people cook what they want for you, and stop mentioning what you want to eat now.
  • Have lunch accompanied by someone or watching television. This helps to facilitate the greatest appetite.
  • Consume foods that are rich in calories, keep in mind that these foods must be of good quality.

For this?

Normally when a patient finishes radiotherapy, they are going to have a good amount of energy loss. This is why these diets exist, since they help to recover the losses you had during an operation. Diets apply to all operations, since in addition to losing energy; there are also several cases in which you lose sugar, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Being the job of recovering them through food.

That is why after the operations the tests continue, in order to verify what was lost and so the doctor can put together a special diet which works very well if you follow it. Being that the days of recovery is reduced since they were advanced thanks to the good nutrition you had. And so in a few months or weeks you will be as if nothing had happened to you and you will be like new.

So yes, it is advisable to follow what your trusted doctor recommends, since he is providing incredible help for you.

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