How to Cure Cancer with a Microdot

Do you know the latest technology in chemotherapy? Surely you have heard about the terrible side effects that chemo causes to cancer patients. The time has come to present new alternatives; scientifically safer and more advanced: microdot cancer treatment is making waves.

One in three people is diagnosed with Cancer; it can be suffered at any age, even its risk increases as we age. Characterized by the development of abnormal cells, cancer is capable of invading tissues and organs; move to the blood vessels, the lymphatic system and even proliferate in various parts of the body (metastasis), being considered the second cause of death in the world.

In Europe and in some developed countries its expansion has been caused mainly by the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. These agents damage the DNA responsible for controlling the normal functioning and growth of cells in the body.

Because of this, the cells can grow excessively, giving rise to an abnormal mass of body tissue; better known as a cancerous tumor. Therefore, in the quest to improve the quality of life in patients with terminal or inoperable cancer, lately they are using robotic instruments through the arteries in our body.

They make figures with materials capable of modifying their shape, color and size in response to external stimuli; they are guided by the genetics of the patient looking for targeted drug administration.

The American Cancer Society has discovered procedures involving Microdots made of Hydrogel, printed in 4D; which, when in contact with the acids of the cancer cells, release their load.

It has been seen in great cinematographic films such as Trip Incredible ( 1966 ), the human being manages to travel through the bloodstream through a body repairing damaged cells; Hence, medical scholars have taken their inspiration and have joined the fight for a world free of cancer. Sounds fantastic but not impossible.

Instructions to cure Cancer with a Microdot

Technological advances in recent years have given cancer patients new hope; as reviewed by Jürgen Rohmer of Philips Innovative Technologies in Hamburg, Germany.

Under the intervention of specialists in the medical field against cancer, such as oncologists, radiologists and surgeons; Respecting the European Regulation on Artificial Intelligence AI and bots, we try to gain the trust of patients in these new procedures. It is about delivering drugs through Microdots to defeat cancer, attacking abnormal cells as a type of modern chemotherapy from within the human body

Based on the creation of objects that can change shape against certain levels of alkalinity, the doctors and scientists involved suggest that cancer cells will be completely eliminated, in the same way they give the patient the possibility of finding himself in front of a set of from clinical trials that may help you feel better as part of your cancer treatment

In addition, research has determined that the use of this type of technology against cancer treatments will free the patient from adverse symptoms caused by drugs, because it directly attacks the affected cells.

What do you need to cure Cancer with a Microdot?

The Microdots, as their name indicates, are small robots measuring less than one centimeter capable of handling micro particles; which has caused a revolution in medicine throughout the world. Although cancer can occur in various areas of the body, treatments with Microdots are also varied depending on the case.

The most recent breakthrough is from the American Cancer Society, by Li Zhang, Dong Wu, Jaen Li, and colleagues; who, in their latest cancer trial study, determined that using Microdots with an innovative three-dimensional form of animals (fish, butterfly and crab) offers them adequate spaces to store and release their content against abnormal cells; because the degree of acidity is higher than normal, thus having a better distribution of the medicine and a dynamic change of shape, they can also be used in large quantities to explore small areas

The animal figures they used were tested against different stimuli. The fish, with its load of chemotherapy in its mouth, when it came into contact with the PH, made a movement that allowed it to drain its content by opening its mouth. For its part, the butterfly, when flapping its wings, its undulating movement generated an outflow of fluids that were previously placed in small deposits on its wings.

In the same way, the crab, when stimulated by external factors, opened and closed its pincers, could take a micro particle to move it from one end to the other, considering then that the small figures made under a 3D format are ideal to achieve the desired objective, reach the affected cell with greater precision.

These Microdots are flexible and sensitive to ph. They have been tested at the American Cancer Society (ACS) through a Petri dish with artificial blood vessels. In another time, Microdots were introduced into the human body through an injection to treat areas that were difficult to operate on, but they were almost impossible to control since they all had the same behavior. Seeking that they can follow specific tasks, they added a small portion of iron oxide, which makes them magnetic and allows them to be manipulated remotely through magnets individually. In this way, your action, movement and speed would have more precision towards the detection point.

It has not yet been determined when they will be used in real patients, as their size has not yet been adjusted to human blood vessels. In the same way, an innovative procedure must be found to be tracked, using the new digital radiology technologies, which are more advanced every day; just as diagnostic equipment is more sophisticated.

Numerous efforts have been made to apply micro technology in the development of new treatments to minimize the detrimental effects of antineoplastic procedures, which prevent the development, growth and proliferation of abnormal malignant cells.

These test studies propose an unprecedented way of carrying out chemotherapy, they are a technological tool in development, seeking to ensure that its application is effective, safe and of high quality; which will mark a milestone in modern medicine and will bring patients a better quality of life.

Tips to cure Cancer with a Microdot

The main cause of most cancers is not known for sure. The risk factors involved (diet, weight, sun exposure, alcohol, infections, among others) have caused studies in this area to continue for decades. Best of all, these currently used treatments directed at cancer cells will spare the patient the unpleasant symptoms of chemotherapy; since they can be used on different cases of cancer without the risk of suffering major side effects.

We all know that cancer, whose research is more advanced over time, has come to knock on the door of many homes around the world. Now, thanks to the fact that these Microdots are still in development, the treatments can become personalized. Using the artificial intelligence of microdots, it will be possible to avoid toxicity as a risk to human health and reduce the challenges that doctors face when optimizing various cancer procedures.

In this way, Artificial Intelligence has been considered as a useful instrument in various areas both for the diagnosis, study and treatment of the disease with non-invasive tests; targeting more specifically to the affected area without altering healthy cells, optimizing the procedure. Finally, a new door to the future is open for hope in cancer treatment, seeking a medical ally in Artificial Intelligence.

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