How to Discover Your Strong Chakras

Do you believe in the influence of energy in your life? Perhaps you had never stopped to think about it. However, it is common for many people to use expressions, such as: “you have a bad energy”, “positive energy attracts positive things”, “leave the bad vibes” and so on.

These expressions reveal that there are those who believe that there is an internal force that distinguishes the personality of each person and that determines the quality of the interpersonal relationships that are established. In addition, it is also thought that they can be modified, in order to become a better person.

This theme revolves around what is known as the chakra, which is part of an ancestral belief that many people today follow. It is known that there are 7 different types of chakras. Each of them has special characteristics and is located in a certain area of ​​the human body.

The key to success lies in having them balanced, as there are situations that can cause things to get out of control. To do this, meditation and other related practices are used.

Now, as it is believed, although the ideal is that they are in perfect balance, in general, there are chakras that are stronger or more dominant than others. In view of that, what is your strongest chakra? Would you like to know? This can help you understand why you behave in a certain way or how you can better manage your personality or attend to the needs that arise in the day.

If you are interested in the subject of internal energy, if you are simply curious about the subject or if you want to learn more about the general culture, this post has been written for you. Here you will know everything related to the chakras.

Instructions to discover your strong chakras

Those who believe in the existence of chakras affirm that the body is not only composed of flesh and bones, but that there are also energetic bodies, which fulfill the function of regulating and establishing a communication system between internal and external energy., that is, with the person’s attitudes and level of spirituality.

The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel”, which alludes to the fact that they are turning clockwise, in the same direction as the spiral arms of the galaxy. They also connect with the spine and the central nervous system.

It is estimated that there are 7 types of chakras, each one has a unique frequency and corresponds to one of the 7 colors of the rainbow. Red is the first, while violet is the last. However, as time passes and we get older, the color of the chakras becomes more and more opaque, due to the traumas experienced and the losses that have been experienced.

In turn, they give rise to a toxic deposit that adheres to the chakras and prevents them from vibrating with a pure frequency. This results in physical aging and the presence of different diseases. Hence the importance of eliminating these toxins.

The different chakras are:

  1. The one of the root, which is represented with the color red and is found at the base of the column. It connects with the earth and is related to vitality and the sense of survival. Therefore, the best way to balance it is by eating a healthy diet, exercising, dancing and doing activities such as gardening.
  2. The sacral is located below the navel, right in the womb area. It is related to the element of water and has to do with all kinds of mental and psychological processes. For example: emotions, pleasure, creativity, etc. The way to balance it is by doing relaxing activities, such as body massages or sunbathing.
  3. The solar plexus is yellow and its element is fire. It is located just above the navel, that is, on the stomach. It is related to the intellect, self-discipline and motivation. In this case, to balance it, it is advisable to shout, hit a cushion, or do yoga.
  4. The heart chakra is green in color and its element is air. It is located in the center of the chest. It relates to everything that has to do with love, as well as forgiveness, compassion and self-acceptance. The best way to balance it is by connecting with you. You can do this by drawing mandalas, walking in nature, and practicing different breathing techniques.
  5. The one in the throat is blue and its element is ether. It is located in the area of ​​the larynx, just at the height of the throat and is closely related to the faculty of communication, with wisdom, with the ability to organize and with planning. To balance it, you must sing your favorite songs; enjoy the silence and the reflection of the moon on the water.
  6. The third eye is related to the color indigo and its predominant element is light. It is located between the eyebrows and has to do with the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as with our intuition, with the development of physical abilities and with self-realization. To balance it, it is advised to meditate.
  7. The crown chakra is purple, although it can also be white and its element is space. It is at the crown of the head and is therefore said to be the true center of spiritual connection. It is related to the brain and, to balance it, it is advisable to meditate, do yoga or be in contact with nature.

What do you need to discover your strong chakras?

To find out which is your strongest chakra, you need to undergo a test. That is, depending on the answers you give to certain questions, you will get a score that you must add up and, the final result will show which your strongest chakra is.

The questions are:

  •  What are the most important qualities for you?

Sincerity (40 points) Independence (20 points) Trust (10 points) Happiness (30 points)

  •  Do you consider yourself to be rational or emotional?

Rational (10 points) Emotional (40 points)

  •  Which element do you connect with best?

Air (20) Fire (30) Earth (10) Water (40)

  •  What word describes you?

Energetic (20) Passionate (40) Spiritual (10) Honest (30)

  •  How much do difficult times stress you out?

Nothing (20) little (40) Normal (30) A lot (10)

  •  What color represents you?

White (40) Blue (30) Red (20) Green (10)

  •  What is the movie genre you like the most?

Romance (30) Fantasy (20) Mystery (40) Action (10)

  •  Which season do you like the most?

Winter (40) Spring (20) summer (10) Fall (30)

  •  Are you creative?

Yes (40) No (10)

  •  What do you feel better with?

With animals (20) the elderly (30) the youngest (40) with nature (10)

Tips to discover your strong chakras

Now, what you have to do is add up all the points you got, depending on the answer given to each of the questions that were raised in the previous test. According to the total given to you, your strongest chakra is:

  • From 100 to 130 points: Earth.
  • From 140 to 170: Water.
  • From 180 to 210: Fire.
  • From 220 to 250: Air.
  • From 260 to 290: Ether.
  • From 300 to 330: Light.
  • From 340 to 370: Space.

Knowing which is your strongest or predominant chakra will help you to know yourself better, to understand why you behave in a certain way, to find the best way to live your life and to balance them, which will bring great benefits, not only at the personal, but also in relation to interaction with others and with all the elements that surround you, as well as stressful situations.

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