How to Take Orbital to Sleep

Orbital is a medicine whose effect is tranquilizing and anxiolytic. It acts on the body avoiding nervousness and anxiety without modifying or affecting the person’s normal activities.

Orbital works in combination with antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs.

It is a drug that acts in the short term on states of anxiety and tension, also anxiety related to depression and that associated with surgical practices, diagnoses and pre-anesthesia. Another important application is for sleep disorders.

When you have trouble falling asleep, the use of Orbital allows the body to relax, its sedative effect helps you fall asleep more easily. But as it is a psychotropic drug, it can generate addiction and therefore the habit of taking it daily will reduce the effect, requiring higher doses.

If you want to know how to take Orbital to sleep,  follow the recommendations that we will give you and consult your doctor if you see important changes in your normal attitudes or if you notice that it affects your daily activities. Here we will also teach you how to take orbital.

What do you need

  • Orbital in tablets of 1 mg.
  • Water


  1. Not sleeping is a problem that seriously affects health because it directly affects daily activities. If we do not sleep well, surely we will not be able to function properly during the day.
  2. When Orbital is taken to sleep better at night, it is possible that some physical changes appear in the person who takes them that can have an effect on driving cars, operating machines as well as the feeling of permanent sleep. This occurs until the body gets used to and adapts to this medicine.
  3. The usual dose of Orbital in adults is ½ to one tablet (0.5 to one mg clonazepam) two to three times a day; this represents a maximum of 3 mg clonazepam per day. It can be taken with or away from food by mouth. These doses can be decreased according to treatment and medical criteria. Once treatment with Orbital has started, it should not be stopped suddenly, as this could cause effects contrary to those expected.
  4. Do not take Orbital if you are allergic to the group of drugs that belong to clonazepam that is, if you are allergic to benzodiazepines, or if you suffer from severe respiratory failure, if you have sleep apnea, if you have any liver disease.
  5. Surely if your doctor gives you a prolonged treatment with Orbital, he will do the necessary studies to find out if you have any of the aforementioned problems; this is done through blood tests and liver function tests.
  6. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should notify your doctor so that he can take the necessary measures such as suspension of treatment, change of dose or medication.
  7. This drug is not recommended for children under six years of age. Nor should the doses recommended by the doctor be increased during treatment or prolonged for longer than indicated. Ideally, treatments should be as short as possible to avoid habituation or addiction. When treatment is interrupted, it should be done gradually
  8. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that all benzodiazepines produce depressant effects on the central nervous system when taken together with barbiturates or alcohol. Alcohol increases the sedative effect of this medication, so it is recommended to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  9. These drugs can cause amnesia within three hours of taking them. For this reason, the ideal is that when this happens the person is already sleeping, this implies that the patient should sleep about seven or eight hours in a row after taking Orbital.


  • Never recommend another person to take the same medicine as you. Although the symptoms are similar, the doctor is the one who must evaluate the patient, diagnose him and indicate the medication and the dose that is appropriate for him.
  • If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, do not force it that is, go to bed to sleep when you really feel the need, do not watch television or use the computer before bed since these activities, far from making you sleepy, stimulate you to continue awake.
  • Help yourself with some relaxing natural tea such as chamomile, valerian or linden. You can have a cup after dinner or just before going to bed.
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