Pepper and Its Health Benefits

The chili better known as Chile in Mexico and in the part of Central America. This is a variety of the well-known hot pepper. In most of the South American region it is known as hot pepper. While in Mexico up it is known as hot pepper. In other countries and regions it is called chili pepper and hot pepper. This fruit is present when it comes to adding it to different culinary dishes. Being able to prepare previously in different ways. Becoming dehydrated, chopped, in sauces, frozen, canned and etc. Since it makes the food have a flavor that makes you move and feel a slight itching in the mouth. Since that is how it should work when it comes to seasoning.

Not everyone likes things that are bland and tasteless. That’s what seasoning is for, so you have an explosion of flavors in your mouth, and the chili arrives to do that job.

Another thing that chili pepper is used for is medicine. Especially traditional medicine, and yes, a spicy fruit was and continues to be used when creating infusions and traditional medicinal preparations. Since it has its great benefits for one’s health. And that is why in this article you will know about the benefits of chili.


  • A great source of vitamins: One of the main ingredients of hot pepper is capsaicin. Which is made up of water, carbohydrates, vitamin A B1 B2 B6? Sulfur, protein, magnesium, potassium, iodine, sodium and calcium. According to a nutritionist, “The higher the concentration of the substance, the better the effect on the body.”
  • Burn calories: According to a sports nutritionist belonging to Bowditch. Consuming spicy helps you burn your calories. This works as your metabolism will be increased by 8%, meaning that your fat will burn naturally. And in addition, you will feel a sensation which makes your appetite decrease.
  • Good oxygenation: Thanks to the vasodilator properties. It helps our blood flow to be greater. Making our body receive the best possible oxygenation. This is good since with this we will not receive arterial hypertension as frequently, making your nutrients reaches the tissues.
  • You feel full: In case you don’t know, spicy food helps the generation of serotonin and endorphins. This makes the person in question feel a general well-being or the body feels full. According to the Bowditch nutritionist, she says “We feel in a better mood because it is an ingredient that makes dishes eat more slowly and the brain receives this very well.” That is why you should not eat food quickly. Since the body will not receive it well and you would lose many nutrients by eating the food in fewer bites and in a few chews.

More benefits of chili

  • It is a gastric protector: Several experts confirmed that the chili can act as a gastric protector. Since the chili helps to produce more saliva and gastric juices. Making digestion work more efficiently than before.
  • Improves the heart: When a person is going to consume a dish that contains spicy. The obvious thing is that when ingesting it, the person will feel that their temperature is rising. This causes your blood flow to increase so it can efficiently reach your heart. The same capsaicin helps cardiovascular diseases become less likely that the person suffers from it.
  • Fight against acne: According to specialists. It was found that most types of acne have properties that help healing. It also helps so that the person does not suffer from acne, overcome burns, wounds, cold sores. And other affections that the skin can have.
  • Helps breathing: As everyone knows, ginger and pepper have characteristics of capsaicin. This same helps with the flavor and spicy sensation that the chili has. It will act as an expectorant, making cough or congestion problems easily solved. Expectorant is a drug that helps the person who consumes it to be provoked into expelling bronchial secretions. This is recommended to be able to deal with the cough.
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