Properties of Quail Eggs

Everyone once knew about quail eggs. I’m sure everyone was surprised when you first saw them or held them in your hand. And yes, they are too small if we compare them with the normal eggs that chickens lay. Aesthetically, it can be compared that quail eggs have a more lively yolk than normal eggs. But if we talk about its properties and what it can bring you, that’s something else. Since the quail egg contributes more than the chicken egg. One of the reasons why quail eggs are more expensive.

That and that it is also popularly used in refined gastronomy. And perhaps you can realize that the quail egg is very present in Spanish cuisine. As for your preparation. Quail eggs can be prepared in the same way as eggs, meaning you can do it fried, boiled, etc. You can find quail eggs in stores. A little high in price, but they will drop in price when you are in their season, which is between the month of May and the end of July.

Nutritional value

Impressively, a single quail egg can have a good amount of nutritional value when compared to chicken eggs.

Calories: 155kcal

Fats 11, 2 gr

Cholesterol: 844mg

Carbohydrates: 0.41 gr

Proteins: 13.05 grams

Calcium: 64mg

Phosphorus: 226 mg

Potassium: 132mg

In addition, quail eggs contain vitamins A and B complex

It is clear that you are not going to eat quail eggs too often. Since you have to remember something, and that is that eating the same thing in excess or too often can be very bad for you. What seems fine to me is consuming quail eggs. It would be 3 or 4 times a week. But try not to consume it every day.

Properties and benefits

These quail eggs are characterized by having a great source of protein of high biological value. This is important when maintaining the body itself. Also for the help of the development of the muscles of the body. And for the brain.

Also, it’s that quail eggs generally have a very low amount of joys compared to chicken eggs, so you have a good chance of not getting allergies from consuming these eggs. But even so, it is not good to eat these eggs very often, as I said before. And the reason is that these contain a large amount of cholesterol and fat. Making these eggs is consumed especially within a balanced and healthy diet. You can also consume it without being on a diet. But yes, consumption does not have to be very frequent, or it will be very bad for later.

Also, these have a good amount of calcium and phosphorus. Being important so that the bones stay strong and that your teeth can stay healthy.

And as mentioned above. Quail eggs have vitamins which are very important for you to have a good body and a strong immune system. If we talk about vitamin A, it provides you with the formation of soft tissues, and also for the maintenance of your skin. And when we talk about the B complex. This helps to promote the maintenance of our nervous system, and the last but also important. It is that it helps you in terms of the formation of red blood cells in your blood.


As you have already seen, quail eggs are good for consumption. But not in excess, unless you keep your body balanced and healthy. In addition, you already know what this food contains and what it should give your body to receive the necessary nutrients.

It is evident that you should not consume this egg in the same way. In other words, avoid eating the fried or steamed quail egg. The idea is that this egg also has its same recipes as that of normal eggs. Among others. You can prepare it in a salad with the vegetables of which you want to add. Put it with some sardines and make a sardine salad with egg. And not just in salads. The point is that you take advantage of the many ways that food has to not always eat the same thing.

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