The Apple and Its Health Benefits

The apple is this fruit that is popularly known as an incredible healthy sweet. In fact, all fruits are healthy sweets, that is, the sweetness that they have is naturally from the same tree, and that also does not affect health too much if we are going to compare it if you consume sugar.

It is good for people to eat these fruits, just like other fruits. Something good about the apple is that it is one of the fruits of the group that can last for a long time and does not lose too much nutritional properties. To get an idea, the apple can last 6 months preserving its flavor and nutrition. Although in reality the fruits can last 1 month in your home, since the anxiety of eating something can come and the first thing one would choose would be a fruit, after 2 months, it would be too rare, it would not hurt to eat fruit often.

In case you did not know, this fruit is a good option to improve your health; many of the fruits have this. So that is why in this article you will know about some benefits that the apple has for the health of the person.


  • When you consume 100 grams of an apple, there is going to be 2.4 which is fiber. Fiber is a good thing if you want to find a way to do number 2 comfortably, since most of the foods you eat can be too dry, enough that you cannot go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, and when you do it will be very difficult and somewhat painful. If you want an example with another fruit, the peach has about 1 gram.
  • The pectin, which is found in the yellowish or white pulp of the fruit, when it reaches our stomach, will trigger mechanisms which make our brain say that it already feels full, making you no longer want to eat more. This substance is very good for people who want to control their anxiety about eating and for people looking to lose weight; this fruit is sometimes present in diets.
  • Also, the pectin together with the antioxidants that the apple contains, are perfect for our skin when it comes to eliminating toxins. That is why it is important to have to wash the fruit before eating it without the skin.
  • This fruit has several cardio protective effects that are long-term; this comes in handy for women who are postmenopausal. Getting rid of large amounts of bad cholesterol.

More benefits that the fruit contains

Obviously this fruit has more benefits, like all of them, you can have its benefits thanks to eating them normally, consuming their seeds, or the skin. Or also use both the seed and its skin to make other preparations such as teas.

  • If you eat an apple a day, you can control your sugar levels, since, thanks to its fiber content, you can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, meaning that you will not have insulin spikes.
  • The apple has liked its tricks. If you consume it with the skin, you will be able to have a good bowel movement, while you consume it without the skin, the pectin will help slow down the intestinal transit (avoiding diarrhea). And if you peel it and then wait for it to have a dark color thanks to oxidation, the apple will work as an anti-inflammatory.
  • According to several studies, by consuming apple juice, you can have a good production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that helps when it comes to improving our memory.
  • After eating an apple, it can protect our mouth against the development of harmful bacteria, all thanks to its properties. According to various dental associations, this fruit can prevent gingivitis and tooth decay from developing.
  • The apple is a good source of vitamin A and C, in addition to potassium. In order to have vitamin C, you must eat the apple with the skin, since this is under the skin. And by peeling it, you would be losing this vitamin.


It is not necessary to eat a lot of apples, doing it from time to time is fine. Since, although the food you eat can be very healthy, doing it in excess can lead to a different problem, it is better to do things in a balanced way. That is why eating an apple as a snack, on the way to work or when you have anxiety is recommended, and even more so with the benefits it contains.

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