What to Do When You Have Hunger Anxiety

There are few people who suffer or suffered from this eating disorder, called hunger anxiety. Which is food anxiety? It happens when someone starts eating large or large amounts of food. And yet, his desire for food was not satiated after eating the food. Meaning that they are still giving you even more food to eat. This can be a small danger since by continuing to eat more than expected; it can cause you to gain weight. Also if you continue to satisfy your anxiety to eat. It can get to the point where a person can lose control and not stop eating.

These kinds of anxieties can happen to anyone. When to eat something extra or a small snack to buffer before the arrival of lunch or dinner time. There may be a small chance that it may because you to eat a little more since the snack you had was not enough. It is normal that you fill it up a bit by eating something else, but if you see that your anxiety to eat does not stop. You’d better stop satiating her before it gets worse. So in this article you are going to know what to do when you have hunger anxiety.


  • Chew gum: It is a good option to take away the anxiety of eating too much. You just start chewing a piece of gum, and after several minutes you may feel that you are losing the desire to eat. Since its sweetness helps to calm the anxiety of eating. And when you go to chew, it helps in increasing blood flow in the brain. Sure, when you lose the desire to eat. That’s when you should stop chewing gum.
  • Avoid eating exciting foods: As well as drinks that have a good degree of sugar or coffee. In addition to eating excess chocolate or sugar. Since these foods can help make hunger anxiety more likely, or it can make it a little worse if you have it.
  • Consume some magnesium: Having a decent supply of magnesium can help you calm nervousness which is accompanied by anxiety. If you can’t buy magnesium as such in pill form. You can achieve the same effectiveness by consuming between 4 or 5 nuts a day. Besides those legumes, apricots, leafy vegetables and whole foods can be another option.

More tips

  • You can eat 5 meals a day: This does not mean that those 5 meals are going to be too much. Lunch may be a small exception. But the rest has to be something to make you feel satisfied. Not to get fat. That is the goal of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. The one that you feel satisfied and do not feel a discomfort in the stomach because you ate too much at that meal time. Also, make sure it’s balanced. In order to stay healthy and not fill up on calories.
  • Take your time to eat: You shouldn’t be in a hurry when it comes to eating. You must calm down so that food can be well ingested in order to be satisfied. Since eating fast, it will not fill you up enough. And 1 or 2 hours later you will feel the desire to eat more because it was not enough. Mealtime must be respected as it should be. Like when someone goes to the bathroom or goes to sleep. Moreover, there is a rule that is almost forgotten. Which is that we must chew 300 times before swallowing the food? Depending on how many teeth you have, you’re going to add up for each chew you make on each side of your mouth. And it is not simply about putting the amount of food in your mouth and after a few chews you are going to swallow it. In addition to the fact that you will not be able to taste all the flavors, an inconvenience may also occur when swallowing it. Since there may be foods that were not well chewed and will make it difficult for you to swallow them. It can even go so far that you can drown.


Currently there is no specific cause of why you have hunger anxiety. Since it can vary, and of them are:

  • Have changes in your brain chemistry
  • That unfortunately you inherit it thanks to the fact that you have a relative who suffered from eating disorders.
  • Being on an unhealthy diet. They range from not eating enough nutrients that your body needs because you skipped an hour of eating or that the amount is not what your body asks for in terms of nutrients.
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