Why Do Women Avoid Mammography?

In case you don’t know what mammography is? It is like a kind of test that is performed on the mammary glands of women, by placing a breast on a plastic plate and then being examined with low-dose X-rays. In order to be able to see the woman’s breast well to see if everything is in order, and there is no tumor in it. Because otherwise it will be very dangerous and difficult to treat when that tumor starts to grow.

This mammography exam is very good for women to do, since thanks to this they can avoid having breast cancer. Of course, the time in which they give you the results can take up to 1 month. Since it is difficult to be able to detect if a breast is beginning to have a tumor or that it begins to have signs of breast cancer. But if it’s late anyway, just call the doctor where you had the exam.

Still, there are a number of women who don’t want to have this mammography exam, either because they think it’s dangerous, or they don’t trust the results. So in this article I will go a little deeper into this.

How is this test done?

You simply need to take off your clothes (from the waist up that is your shirt) including the bra. Afterwards, the doctor will give you a gown to cover yourself, unless the place where it is done is only the doctor. Then she will ask you to stand in front of the machine where this process will take place. You will have to place one of your breasts on a plastic platform, and then it will be slightly flattened by a plastic plate. This serves so that the breast tissues spread out, and it is a little easier for the doctor to detect if everything is fine or not.

Hurts? Yes, but it is necessary to do it; anyway the pain will pass after several minutes.

After both breasts have their x-ray. The doctor is going to send them to a radiologist for a thorough examination. That specialized person will have to see the x-ray. This process can take time, so don’t be surprised if your doctor’s appointment takes a long time, or you’ll be asked to wait several days. And when the radiologist is done, he’s going to read you the X-ray. Determining if your breasts are healthy or not.

Why do many women not want to have a mammogram?

According to various articles, the common excuse women give about this is “I don’t have time”. That in it can be bad. Since all people in general must put their health and themselves as their priority. And the rest must be secondary. It could also be because you can’t get permission to go to the doctor because of work. So the “I don’t have time” excuse can be forgiven depending on how busy the woman’s life must be. But even so, she must make room in her schedule to go to the doctor.

Another reason must be due to the lack of information on the subject. Or misinformation. It’s never good to believe someone on social media or acquaintances about what they say and you don’t know anything about it. It’s always good to do your own research before blindly believing it.

Another more common reason is fear. Fear that something will go wrong in the exam and end up hurting the woman. Fear of the worst happening, etc. The exams are safe, the breasts hurt when you finish with the machine, but it is not something to exaggerate. In addition to doing you a greater good towards your body.

And the last common reason is that they do not know their body well. There is a small minority who would say that what is happening to their breasts is normal or something else. And that should not be so. That is why it is recommended for girls to go to a gynecologist when they have their first period, and when they are pregnant.


  • It can help you severely reduce dying from breast cancer, plus it can detect if you have other types of breast cancer.
  • When you get a mammogram, and the doctor detects a small tumor, it can help you not to get worse, because when the tumor starts small, it is easier to get out of it.
  • Mammography can detect if suspicious or abnormal tissues are forming.
  • What many may ask. The risk to radiation is almost nil if it happens. Plus you have no side effects.
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